list entities

Can anyone tell me how to list all the entities from an IGES file loaded.

I use Sample Import/Export surces and QT(windows)

Thank You..

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You can retrieve the model (transient representation of the IGES file in memory) with
IGESControl_Reader aReader = ...;
Handle(IGESData_IGESModel) aModel = aReader.IGESModel();
and iterate over it using aModel->Entity ();

Otherwise, you can directly receive a selection of entities (all, visible roots, etc) using IGESControl_Reader::GiveList(). For a list of possible selection consult IGES User's Guide or Reference Manual.

Of course, GUI implementation is up to you. You can use IGESData_IGESEntity interface to access each entity property.

Hope this helps.


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Yes thank you but I want to display this entities in some way or in a tree view or directly to the AIS display but I don't know how..