List of Handles

Dear forum members,

how can I create a list of Handles? For example I need a list of Poly_Triangulation.

Thanks for any hints.
Gernot Knieling

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Hello Gernot,
you could use a value based list to store your handles. We use lists from Trolltech Qt library, QValueList for example to have a linked list, of QValueVector to have a vector. I guess most value based list should work.

Good Luck,

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Hello Francois,

thank you for your tip, I will try it.
In the meantime I have found an opencascade way: add the Poly_Triangulation to a TColStd_IndexedMapOfTransient and for getting downcast from Handle(Standard_Transient).

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Have a look to the NCollection_List template class and other classes in NCollection package.