list of shapes....

Hi there!

I'm trying to 'collect' a list of shapes. for this i use:

void CGruppen::AddPartsToIGES(TopoDS_ListOfShape& shapelisthelpers, TopoDS_ListOfShape& shapelist)

TopoDS_ListIteratorOfListOfShape iter(shapelist);

//////////////////// here the error occurs
for(iter.Initialize(shapelist) ; iter.More(); iter.Next())


Now the problem is that the iterator iterats into nirvana... it doesn't stop till the memory is full than a error occurs.

Do i use the iterator right?? Can someone give me a tip?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Probably shapelist and shapelisthelpers refer to the same variable.

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thanks this was exactlly the problem... lol spend a long time on this little problem... thanks again