Loading unconventional surfaces data

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I have surface that I want to load as face to OCC. I do not need any meshing or gridding algorithm but I have the points and faces information (triangulated or in hexahedral format). I want to load to OCC as is. Is that possible or OCC just can support the well known formats.

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since there were no answer I will suppose this is impossible in OCC so is it possible to convert from VRML to BREP formats because VRML is not readable through OCC. I hope there were a way to load without files and files conversion but seems this is the only way. Any help please?


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There is a class to read STL format ( vertices/faces)

class Reader from StlAPI

---Purpose: Reading from stereolithography format.
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Thanks PG for your response.
I could not find this class in documentation. Would you please let me know where can I find this class?

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Sorry, I have found it now. Thanks for your help. I am looking at it now.

Thanks vey much PG for your help,

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In future we hope to see OCC contain a class that can read to BRep shapes vertices/faces in fly without file conversion to enable real time manipulation to open the environment for any customized file format. I think this is very very very essential class in 3D modeling.

Thanks by the way for the Open OCC environment.