local coodinate origin -> world coodinate origi

Would like to change coodinate system as follows.

1. iges file load. 2. iges file create model base on world

coodinate system 3. I would like to change model coodinate system origin to world coodinate origin is it possible? if it is possibel, how do i?

Please help me...

thanks to.

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When the iges file is converted to Open Cascade Geometries and Shapes, combinations of locations (also known as "Transformation Matrix" in IGES) described in the IGES file are reflected by Locations attached to the produced Shapes. Hence, the definitions of coordinates systems of the iges file are reproduced in the result.

Then, you can apply your own change of coordinate system to the global result (known as a Shape), by changing the Location of the Shape (remark : this is not proper to iges).