Loft with Centerline

How to create an object using Loft with Centerline (see attached picture)?

I can create an object using the loft with BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections. But how do I specify the centerline? Maybe I need to use GeomFill_Sweep and set the law myself?


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The 2nd image, is it.not a case of sweeping with a path curve.

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The 2nd image is Loft with Centerline. How to do it in OpenCASCADE?

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Loft with Centerline is implemented in all popular CAD (Solidworks, Inventor, etc.). But how to do it in OpenCASCADE?

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i think BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections is what you are looking for 

see this :

EDIT: sorry i didn't read the question well ,with BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections we still need to generate a sequence of sections by looping the parameter U of the parameterized curve "centerline" translating and scaling the profile, sorry i don't know a better way :( I'm new to occt 

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I'm also new to OCC. I wrote to the author of the blog about my problem. Now you can see the solution here -

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Interesting post. 

Bu this creates a geometrical surface and not a solid shape. 

Your requirement was to create solid loft ?

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