Looking for an OpenCascade developer for a proof of concept project


I'm looking for an medium to experienced OpenCascade developer who can help me with proof of concept / demo application that creates and exports a VRML 3D model mesh according to specified input, with no UI. The project should be possible to be made in few days, possibly continuing to a larger project using OpenCascade in the near future.

Looking Forwards,

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I have been using Qt and OpenCascade for the last 5 years. I have time during august. Feel free to contact me : delorme _dot_ hugues _at_ gmail _dot_ com

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I use OCC since 2001 year. Several applications were created based on OCC and Qt.
My e-mail: aviforum [at] gmail.com

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using vc + occ + openinventor(TGS) for 5 years. more experiential on vrml97/vrml 2.

My e-mail: jackliocc [at] gmail.com