Lots of memory leakage in TKernel(project)

I check my oCC code with boundschecker and found out there are lots of memory leakage after running the code included in TKernel. It's ok if i run the code for one time but if i run it for 50 or more times, the memory is all used up which leads the program crashed. Help
thx in advance

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OCC use an internal memory manager so I would not trust boundschecker on this because OCC will allocate blocks and reuse them when needed.

Are you sure it crashes because of out of memory problems ?

Are you sure it is not a bug in your own code ?

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yes.. first i kind of doubt boundschecker. but after testing it for a while, it crashes because of out of memory. i don't think it is not wrong with the code i wrote. it's wrong with internal occ code. everytime it allocate memory, the destructor doesn't get called even i delete object. i don't know why OCC still leaves it like that. did they test their system before publishing it?

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Possibly, but you never know for sure, in the past the project files included for visual studio was useless, you had to change a lot of settings to get them to compile, so I now for sure they did not test them.

The memorry manager has changed a lot in the later versions so it is possible that something is messed up in there, or they could simply have forgotten a delete somewhere.

But if you are not a paying customer, don't expect any help from the OCC support.