maintenance release terminology

I'm confused about the terminology "maintenance release" and what i read in
The current certified version of OCCT: the "master" branch. This branch is updated by the Bugmaster only. Official OCCT releases are marked by tags.
Do maintenance releases still exist? And how can they be identified? I'm aware of the define OCC_VERSION_MAINTENANCE but still don't understand.

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Dear Mr. Baley,

Рђs part of OCCT development and support of our community we're going to revive the maintenance releases. By the end of this year we will introduce them in our workflow. They will be accompanied by official announcements.

Kind regards,
Ulyana Tverdova

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Are these the releases of the form, e.g. v7.3.0p3? If so, would it be possible to use a more standard semantic versioning scheme, e.g. v7.3.3? It is a little problematic for Linux distributions packaging OCCT, particularly Debian & Ubuntu, because the format OCCT currently uses sorts the patched releases as older than the unpatched ones. Then we (I am the Debian maintainer) have to modify the version number and in turn introduce an idiosyncrasy, a version that only exists for us and makes everyone else packaging e.g. v7.3.0p3 look like they have an older version if they happened to check ours.

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OCCT historically uses versioning system Major.Minor.Maintenance, see Standard_Version.hxx:

#define OCC_VERSION_MAJOR         7
#define OCC_VERSION_MINOR         4

Major is rarely incremented, Minor is regularly incremented. Maintenance is supposed to accumulate critical bug-fixes for specific Major.Minor release, hopefully mostly preserving API, but does not necessarily preserving ABI.