Make one edge out of two


I am working on including OCC in our mesh generator NETGEN ( Some IGES/STEP geometries coming from solid modelers have edges of length 1e-5 or so next to edges of length 1 because of an inexact output of the solid modeler. when meshing faces bound by such edges we get an extremly small mesh size. so i would like to connect the two edges and drop the middle vertex (if both edges share the same Geom_Curve). is there a method in OCC, that checks for such situations and repairs them?

many thanks,

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Hi Robert,

take a look at the ShapeFix classes (the ShapeHealing package). It has these types of classes and methods!!



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thank you! i have looked there before, but i have not found what i need! now, that you said there should be what i need, i look again and found it. thanks!