Making the solid from faces

I have the faces that makeup the solid. How to sreate the solid from them. MakeSolid function takes input as shells.

I am not able to make shells also, as there i have to give surfaces as input.

Please help me out to make solid when i have the faces (which are trimmed by wires already).

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I have not tried it, but in theory:

You should be able to create a BRep_Builder object.
From this you can get an empty shell using MakeShell (inherited
from TopoDS_Builder3D). You can then add the faces to the shell
using Add(shell, face) (inherited from TopoDS_Builder). Note that
the topology must be correct for this to work (i.e. shared edges
and vertices in connected faces).

Again, in theory this should work. The prototypes for these functions
can be found in the class browser with more detailed information in
the CDL files.

Good luck.

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Hi Naga,

You might take a look at topic "Confused about shells". I just posted a solution which I think will resolve your problems.