Mandrake 7.0 and MesaGL

We use the last version of Mandrake: 7.0 but the libraries MesGL and MesaGLU don't appear in the directory where they're supposed to be, although the installation seems to have been well completed.

As a consequence, we can't relinking files such as TTOPOLOGY which need those libraries.

What's about these libraries?

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Mandrake 7.0 comes with Mesa 3.1 . The Open Cascade binaries are linked against Mesa 3.0

This means that you either have to rebuild open cascade against Mesa 3.1 ( which means hacking a bunch of the adm/Linux/*.comp and *.lnk files first - ugh!) or getting and installing Mesa 3.0 and using that instead of the RPM that came with Mandrake ( this is much easier and faster, but it might break other applications).

I hope that Open Cascade moves to Mesa 3.1, and change the linking to the standard -lGL instead of -lMesaGL for the official 3.0 release. Mesa 3.1 is much more compatable with official GL in terms of library names, installation directories, and other things.

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At Ricardo we are using Metro-X GL under Red Hat 6.1. To compile Open CasCade we just used the "treplace" script to change lMesaGL to lGL. I don't see why anyone would use anything but lGL. If you insist on having lMesaGL files around, symbolicly link them to the "normal" Open GL names lGL.