Manipulating InteractiveObjects

Hi everyone!
I am new to OpenCascade and I am trying to do the following:
-import a step file using the ImportExport Example
-get all shapes from the interactive context
-apply a layer on top of the imported object by using boolean

I can use


to get a list of all objects in the context. Now how can I access the single shapes contained in this list? Can anybody give a short example for accessing two boxes from the InteractiveContext and then being merged by boolean operations?


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You perform traversal of Open Cascade List objects with list iterators.
To traverse an AIS_ListOfInteractive object, use an AIS_ListIteratorOfListOfInteractive object :

AIS_ListIteratorOfListOfInteractive it (aList);
//iterate on list:
while (it.More ())
//do something with the current item : it.Value ()
it.Next ();

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Hi Hugues,

thanks for your reply. I konow about the iterator, but how can I access the shapes of the returned objects?
it.Value() returns a Handle_AIS_InteractiveObject. Can I convert this somehow to a TopoDS_Shape?

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Sorry for my dummy answer, here is what you can do to access the underlying shape :
Normally, your AIS_InteractiveObject instances are AIS_Shape objects.
So you should cast them :

//"it" is an iterator on a list of InteractiveObject instances.
Handle_AIS_InteractiveObject current_ais_item = it.Value ();
assert (current_ais_item->IsKind (STANDARD_TYPE (AIS_Shape));//instance_of_ais_shape
Handle_AIS_Shape current_ais_shape = Handle_AIS_Shape::DownCast (current_ais_item);
assert (not current_ais_shape.IsNull ());//not_null
const TopoDS_Shape& current_topo_shape = current_ais_shape->Shape ();

Try this code, I have not test it, but this is a way to get what you need.

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Thanks, that was exactly what I needed´to get a good start on solving my problem!