Many errors appear when using VC2005 recompile

Hi, Everyone,

I am new comer to the Opencascade, I used Parasolid before.

After reading some topics in this forum. I gradually come to realize I needed to re-compile the following project first before I use them with VC2005:

+ FoundationClasses
+ ModelingData
+ ModelingAlgorithms
+ Visualization
+ ApplicationFramework
+ DataExchange
+ Draw

However, there are many errors.

First of all, when I open the FoundationClasses project, error shows the all.vcproj can not be found.

I just delete the all.vcproj from the solution and start the compiling. The errors come out on the statement like


I just change it to


Quite similar silly errors are also happened.

I am very curious that it is just like this that I have to go through all the project compiling?

THanks a lot

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I am sorry three posts come out since the browse appears jammed.