memory adress...


I try to compile (re compile) and run Cascade examples (VC++ 6, WinNT4 SP5), but I've got the following messages :

1- Fatal error during Graphic initialisation

2- L instruction a 0x01a7263e emploie l adresse memoire 0xfefd0000. La memoire ne peut pas etre read ( in english : the instruction at 0x01a7263e is using memory adress 0xfefd0000. Memory can not be read). Help me, what can I do ???

Thank s for your help ....


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Open the FAQ (found on this site under "Need Help"?). Be sure to read the chapter "1.10. Required environment variables". Use your Control Panel/System/Enviroment screen to set relevant eniroment variables.

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I checked all environnement variables, every things seems to be right... In the VC++ debugger, the problem is at :

01A7263E mov eax.dword ptr [edx] with the KDV3D.dll (somethings like that) supplied with cascade.

Is it because my microprocessor is a CYRIX MX (PR233). Before, with a thinkPad 600 IBM, everything was good...