Memory error while loading IGES file


I have an IGES file ( very huge file .. more than 450 MB)
I read it using the IGES reader and get the following
exception .
Total number of loaded entities : 45019.
Standard_MMgrOpt::AllocMemory() failed to mmap : Cannot allocate memory

Anybody come across such error and what is the solution.

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The solution is to get more memory.

You have to remember that the objects take more space in memory then in the file, so if the file is 450MB it may take 1GB of ram to load, and mmap may not be able to map that amount of address space because it (may) has to be linear space, so even if you have enough ram+swap to fit all the contents mmap may not be able to map it for you anyway.

This depends a little on how OCC is using mmap