Memory Leak in BRepAlgoAPI

In an earlier topic, I talked with Rob about an aparent memory leak in the BRepAlgoAPI functions. I was wondering if anyone has confronted this bug, or found a way to manage memory so that things don't get out of hand.

I have been trying to write a program that take about 25,000 adjacent BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox's and tries to fuse all of them into one shape. The most that I have gotten to work is roughly 1,250 before I use up my full 1gb of RAM, and about 2.5 gb of swap file space. I need to come up with a more memory efficient solution. If it sounds like something might be wrong in my approach I would be happy to provide explanations and source code to anyone interested in helping me.

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U can try to make a TopoDS_Compound object out of the 24999 boxes and fuse it with 1st box.


- GP

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Thanks for the reply. I will definately look into that tonight. If you don't mind me asking, what does using a TopoDS_Compound object accomplish?


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Hi again. I have been trying to find use in the application of use of TopoDS_Compound objects. I need to end up with all of the objects fused together and it doesn't look to me like TopoDS_Compound objects accomplish this. I don't know if I am misunderstanding or overlooking something, do you think you could rephrase your suggestion in more detail?