Memory leak using IGESControl_Reader

We are using IGESControl_Reader
we noticed that there is memory leak when using IGESControl_Reader
we found this memory leak when working on using VRAM for our software
we tried the following instructions to free memory used by IGESControl_Reader
without success

1) myIgesReader.IGESModel()->Destroy();
2) myIgesReader.Model()->clear();
3) myIgesReader.ClearShapes();
4) Handle(IGESToBRep_Actor)::DownCast(myIgesReader.WS()->TransferReader()->Actor())->SetModel (new IGESData_IGESModel);
//I found the instruction n° 4 in a blog

could you help us to use OpenCASCADE in a professional software

Best Regards and thanks in advance for your help

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Have you found a solution to your memory leaks problem ??

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I have the same problem. I have a function to call IGES reader which should be destroyed after the function call is finished.

But the memory of IGES reader is not cleaned up. When I call this function a few times, memory use keeps going up.