Very simple to check that memory leaks under Win32
Open Windows "Task Manager"
Execute this OCC52 sample :
"Sample\Standard\MFC\Import Export.exe"
Close the Document
Look the memory in Windows "Task Manager"
It has increased but did not decreased the same way. Lots of Ko were lost in RAM
After a while commercial application build with OCC crash because memory is lost after each document.
Customers don't understand that they have to shut down their computer or at least application.

Has anyone a solution for this ?

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The task manager is not very reliable for checking memory leaks.
As example, open an whatever application (ex : word.exe )
check the meory usage
minimise the application
check memory usage
maximaise the application
check again memory usage

I don't say that OpenCASCADE is free of memory leaks, but you have to use memory leak checking tools (like BoundChecker, glowcode, purify, etc...) to pinpoint them.


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Agree with Stephane.

You will likely find a LOT of threads on this issue on the forum, if just search for "memory leaks". One of them gives a comprehensive answer from OCC -

Hope this helps.