Merged OCC 6.2.0 source code


I am making changes to OCC 6.2.0 code due to critical memory bugs and don't want to maintain separate copies of the source code for different platforms.

As it is, OCC does not distribute their source code like other Open Source project. It distribute one archive for each platform and there is no repository where I can contribute to OCC as an open source project.

I want to merge all the build information into one archive and check them into my repository so I can manage all the changes in one central location.

Does anyone have any comments to make about merging the sources into one build tree. I have to support Windows/Linux/Solaris and OSX.


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I'm using a local repository for Linux and Windows and had no problems so far. The source code is simply the same. It only differs in the Makefiles / Visual Studio Solutions. So I think you can have such a repository without much problems.

It would be nice, if you would contribute your changes as patches to this forum, so that we all can use them. This seems to be the best solution without having a central repository. :-/