Merging OCE into future OCCT releases


Dear OCE Members,

We recognize the efforts made by you in the OCE project to improve OCCT in the ways it would never go on itself, and to give a major impulse to the activity around it. In this context, the product will definitely benefit from combining our efforts. That is our motivation for this collaborative development project.

Parallel to the elaboration and deployment of the contribution process and tools, we propose to integrate the improvements made in the OCE project. That way, when all collaborative work tools are ready, all following improvements done by the community, including us, will be based on the same certified release.

For integration of OCE improvements, the primary thing we need from you is to sign the Contributor License Agreement with us. Please visit the Get Involved page and follow its instructions.

Here is how we see the possible process of merging OCE changes to OCCT.

  1. Register an issue in the OCCT tracker for each change, with a reference to OCE change(s)
  2. Prepare a patch by extracting from OCE repository.
  3. Put the patch into the issue and process with the standard workflow

We will start this work as soon as we get the CLA signed by at least some of the OCE team members, for contributions made by these members. For sure, we will strongly appreciate your help in preparation of the patches and registering the issues.

Apart from the code changes, we would like to get your advice in setting up the tools and workflows for OCCT development. Our intent is to provide a framework well suited for the collaborative development, and have it integrated with our production process.


Pawel's picture

Dear OCE Members, dear OCCT Members,

I would like to give credits to both teams for the efforts to develop OCC and share the work.

However, I have been watching the development of both projects and I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement regarding the integration / collaboration of both teams. Especially, there are a lot of improvements:

- various warnings elimination
- unused variable elimination
- probable copy-paste errors:
- and many more

contributed by the OCE-team that have not found their way into OCCT so far.

At this point, I would like to encourage both teams to intensify the collaboration. Although there exists the possibility for external developers to commit code to the OCCT git repository maybe it would also be possible for someone from OCCT to browse the OCE repository and identify problems/commits/branches that can be easily integrated into OCCT? I'm sure Denis and the others would provide corresponding patches.

Thanks a lot for your contributions!

Andrey BETENEV's picture

Dear Pawel,

Thank you for your care of OCCT development!

We are following OCE activity carefully, and I agree that many changes they made (elimination of warnings and copy-paste errors, CMake build system, and various other changes) can be worth including in the official OCCT version.

We are open to accept their contributions, however as you know we require CLA to be signed by contributors who provide legally significant amount of code changes. Up to now, no one of OCE members had signed CLA; this means they do not agree or cannot, for whatever reason, to contribute their code changes on these conditions. Hence, we may not take their changes from OCE repository even if they are publicly available.

Nevertheless we are grateful to those OCE members who participate in OCCT development by providing bug reports and ideas. Hope the situation will improve over time and we will gradually get more close collaboration with OCE people.