mesh non planar wire

hi, I made up a brep object which is constituted of 2 non coplanar faces, which are connected by an edge in the form of an arc of circle.
I'm having trouble meshing this object:
when I do :

BRep_Builder s=new BRep_Builder();
Poly_Triangulation pt=BRep_Tool.triangulation(jcaeFace,d);
then pt is null with error : not_planar

If I replace the separating edge by a segment, the object is properly tesselated.
What is the proper way to mesh such an object? (I understand that the support surface had to be infered, can it be just interpolated from values at the edges?)

thx a lot

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Your grammar is false, try so:

TopLoc_Location L;
Handle (Poly_Triangulation) facing = BRep_Tool::Triangulation(jcaeFace,L);