Meshing of volumes.

Good day.
Could please anyone tell me, how to mesh volumes with standard OpenCASCADE Tools? Any reference or example, please.

Thanks in advance.

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It is impossible for open source part of OCC. But you can see project SALOME. Or may be there is something in commercial parts of OCC.

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Thanks a lot for your expertise.

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hi bjorn!

our open source mesh generator NETGEN can mesh volumes. we support IGES/STEP, STL and CSG geometries.

have a look at

we also offer the open source hp finite element solver NGSolve. (


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At Open CASCADE, we use NETGEN tool as one of the volume meshing plugins for SALOME platform. In this regard, we would be pleased to offer our services on integration of this tool into your application, in frames of a custom development project. To have a general overview of this and other services please visit

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