Dear forum members i've started using OCAF wizard for my project work. When i'm building an application using OCAF wizard it is creating the graphic window in the size of 656 in width and 241 in Height, it is not resizing with the window. I dont know how to make it resizable, pls help me in this reg. Advance thanks

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You must go to the project's cpp and find this
if you want to mainframe max size,change like this

Ang using class wizard to add function "ActivateFrame" in ChildFrame.Go to ChildFrame and change "CMDIChildWnd::ActivateFrame(nCmdShow);" to "CMDIChildWnd::ActivateFrame(SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED);"

enjoy it


Thank you Mr water. Sorry I've posted the question in a wrong way and wrong meaning. The OCAF wizard application shows the graphics only in the left bottom portion of the window (partial display when clicking fit all, the remaining portion hides). However i'll try with your suggestion and back the final output.


Thank you to my friends who ever posted this quetsions earlier and got reply for that.
The above mentioned problem can be solved by this way

void projectview::OnSize(UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
CView::OnSize(nType, cx, cy);

// TODO: Add your message handler code here
if (!myView.IsNull())

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Hi M.G,
I just want to know how did you start the OCAF application.
Thank you for talking time to explain because I am a new user of OCC

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Please disrigard. I am working on it

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Please disregard. I am working on it