When I try to compile 2D samples I receive the error in file mft_fontmanagerdefinitionerror_0.cxx in funtion:

void MFT_FontManagerDefinitionError::Throw() const
throw MFT_FontManagerDefinitionError() ;

then sample stoped with "Access violation reading location 0x00000000" in file mft_fontmanager.cxx in function:

MFT_FontManager::MFT_FontManager(const Standard_CString anAliasName) :

at line 707:


in context:

MFT_CharEntries *pcharentries = (MFT_CharEntries*) myCharEntries.precord;
!pcharentries, "BAD char entries address");
if( myCharEntries.swap ) {
for( Standard_Integer i=0 ;
i SWAPINT(pcharentries->fcommand[i]);

What can I do to run 2D samples?

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Hello Andrei,

It can hardly be possible to say for sure but ...
First, make sure that pre-compiled samples delivered with the version run well. And when rebuilding them in your own environment make sure that environment is still correctly set up (see

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
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Thank you!

I find the error: *.mft files with fonts was destroed. I copy it from OpenCASCADE 4.0 version. And all right.