Mid-plane extraction

I have a solid that is thin in one direction, and I would like to replace it with a single surface - for example a plate with dimensions 1x100x100. In the general case this could be curved, or have fillets or holes. Does OpenCascade have any modules that could help with this kind of problem?

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This is a tool I'd be interested to see developed. As far as I know, you can't do it directly with OCCT, but one method that might give an approximation is to use Nina Amenta's powercrust algorithm on a meshed shape - sample code at



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Dear Sir,

how to a get a mid-plane of a solid using open cascade?

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Get the centre of the shape using bounding box. 

then use 

Handle(AIS_Plane) axe_xy_plane2 = new AIS_Plane(shapeCoordSystemPlacement, AIS_TOPL_XYPlane);

Where shapeCoordSystemPlacement is the transformation of the centre point of the shape.

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Daniel Neander