Migration of my project to OpenCascade 6.5.3

Hi all,

Two years ago I wrote a program that uses OpenCascade 6.3.0. It was based on the 4th example AISBasic and worked fine.

Now I want to migrate it to the last OCC version (to try to improve its performance), so after having downloaded v6.5.3, I tried to link it with the new .h, .lib and .dll files.

It compiles, but it doesn't launch.

Ah ah... so maybe let's see the OCC 6.5.3 examples ?

They don't launch either.

I use the dependency walker to see if it was a dll problem.
To correct the detected issues I copy mfcsample.dll, then freeimage.dll, freeimageplus.dll, tbb.dll and tbbmalloc.dll in the bin directory but with no success.

All I've got is a message saying : "Fatal error during graphic initialization".

Am I missing something ?
Is it because I have two versions of OCC installed ? (I've already payed attention to the Path issues, ...)

Please help :)

Thanks in advance !


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Hi Maxime,

I am currently in the same situation: developing on a platform with concurrent OCC versions
installed (6.3 and 6.5.3).

You should make sure that:
- Your CSF_GraphicShr environment variable is set to the correct version of libTKOpenGL, e.g.
on my platform it points to $OCEROOT/lib/libTKOpenGl.3.0.0.dylib
- Your program is linking against the correct OCC libraries (which probably it does ...) so not the
wrong DLLs will be loaded upon program startup. But I guess you checked that already in detail...

Hope that helps,

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Thanks a lot, Mark.

I had already found it was the CSF_GraphicShr environment variable that was not correctly set when I read your response, but you would have rescued me if I hadn't found ;)

Thanks again !