MinGw version to build the Web-sample by emscripten

Hello Dears,

I'm trying to build the Web Sample of OCCT, I faced a lot of errors while building it by emscripten,
I have the version mingw-7.1.0-64bit and I saw some people use version 4.6.2_32bit, So is that affect the process of building, and which is the correct version of MinGw

thanks very much
Emad Samni

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

I'm using mingw-7.1.0-64bit as well, so I guess this shouldn't be a problem cause. emsdk list:

       2.0.24                       INSTALLED
(*)    mingw-7.1.0-64bit            INSTALLED
(*)    node-14.15.5-64bit           INSTALLED
 *     python-3.9.2-1-64bit         INSTALLED