Minimalistic Program with VC2008 - access violation


I have written a simple sequence that creates a cube starting from 8 points, making wires, faces, a shell and then a solid. This then exports to a step file.

I used the tutorial example and simply modified the makeBottle function. It works, I visualize the cube and the step file is generated.

When I now try to put this code into a simple Win32 console application, the code compiles and links properly - but it crashes when adding faces to the shell with an access violation error.

Can anyone help?

I want to write a converter witout a GUI so I want to keep it very basic.

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Problem solved.
VC has to be started with an adapted version of msvc.bat - then it works.
Starting the .exe again leads to a crash. To have a really stand alone application the dll files from OpenCASCADE6.6.0\ros\win32\vc9\bin have to be copied along with the dlls files from OpenCASCADE6.6.0\3rdparty\tbb30_018oss\bin\ia32\vc9 and the .exe into the same directory. Then it works - Great!