missing faces when importing step file


I was trying to import the attached file and I noticed that it is missing the top Sphere when imported using OpenCascade, Same geometry opens fine in other CAD Applications.

Any suggestions for fixing this will be appreciated.



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The STEP file is created in which CAD system ?

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PG the file was create with Alibre

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It's not that the top surface is missing. It is that Open CASCADE selects wrong path of the sphere (let's say bottom vs top) - see enclosed image.
The root-cause is that the face boundary is defined as a single circle and OCC was confused which part of the surface to choose. Should there be extra information (like seam-edge or a pole/degenerated edge) it would figure it out. It can be either that the file itself contains wrong orientation of the boundary or OCC made a mistake, did not investigate further.

Does not help much, but should hopefully give you some clue anyway...
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Hello Roman,

Thanks for the explination, this makes perfect since, so open cascade got the wrong side of the sphere.

I recive a good number of STEP files, and most of the problems I have is with files generatd with Alibre.

for example the attached file crashes OpenCascade