missing file for WinNT samples ?

to recompile with success samples 01_1_Sample2DBasic and 01_2_Sample2DDisplay, i had to put in comments the last line of StfAfx.h file (ie : #include "HLRAlgo_Projector.hxx".

Is this file missing, or is it located in another zip file ?

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To compile samples with success, i need to have a link towards provided include files, lib files and dll files. Nevertheless, i noticed that if include files are issued from the source version of OC, i only found lib files and dll files from its binary version.

Am i right (but this means i have to download the two versions! Sources and binaries are both required?) or are they somewhere within the source version ?

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Hi !

This is a problem, you have to download the source to compile the apps, maybe all the include files should be put in a separate package so that you didn't have to download all the source code just to compile an application.