Missing function ShallowCopy in TColgp_HSequenceOfVec.hxx

Hi All.

When linking my code I got missing implementations of the TColgp_HSequence code.
It seems that all HSequence code is missing implementation of ShallowCopy, that causes unresolved link errors:

error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A000683) "public: class Handle_TColgp_HSequenceOfVec __cdecl TColgp_HSequenceOfVec::ShallowCopy(void)const

This is happening for all HSequence classes.

Maybe this has to do with migration of generated code ? (maybe old in cdl or missing macro)?

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Hello, it seems patch for #0024805 (Eliminate unused static functions and methods: ShallowDump(), ShallowCopy(), STANDARD_TYPE(...)) was incomplete - method was removed from TCollection_HSequence.gxx, but not from TCollection_HSequence.cdl.

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Thank you for your reply.

Is this already fixed? (in git?)

Thanks, Guido

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Is this already fixed? (in git?)

It is not.
You can register bug for the issue (and provide / test the fix).

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I have registered patch for this issue here: #0025790