Missing libStdPlugin.so and libStdLPlugin.so

Hi there.

My aim is to build the Salome Platform with OpenCascade on OpenSuse 11.4 64-bit platform from sources.
I downloaded OpenCascade-6.5.1 version sources and installed successfully.

When I tried to compile Salome Platform 6.3.1 GUI module, the make step has failed due to missing libStdPlugin.so and libStdLPlugin.so.

I googled regarding these two files and found that Madriva has OpenCascade packages contain libStdPlugin.so and libStdLPlugin.so.

I went to the OpenCascade 6.5.1 directory where I have installed libraries and libStdPlugin.so, as well as, libStdLPlugin.so was missing. In fact, libTK*.so were in place.

Some time passed and OpenCascade 6.5.2 arrived. The same files are also missing after compile/build/install step.

If I check src or drv directories I do not find StdPlugin and StdLPlugin. But when I check the prerequis directory of SALOME 6-3-1 binary release, I find OpenCascade-63sp13 and in the lib folder the libStdPlugin.so is present.

Was the libStdPlugin and libStdLPlugin removed from OpenCascade versions higher 6.3.X?
If they were not removed, what are the building steps to build them?
If they were removed, how can I obtain the OpenCascade 6.3.x versions? This question arises since OpenCascade does not permit to download older versions.

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Dear Vaidas,
Indeed the mentioned units were removed since the OCCT6.5.0.
See corresponding release notes for the issue ID = 22152:

"Summary: Redefinition of several executable units to toolkits
The following executable units have been merged to toolkits to optimize the structure of OCCT units:
- BinLPlugin
- BinPlugin
- BinTObjPlugin
- BinXCAFPlugin
- StdLPlugin
- StdPlugin
- XCAFPlugin
- XmlLPlugin
- XmlPlugin
- XmlTObjPlugin
- XmlXCAFPlugin
This means that ***Plugin units have been removed and their contents placed in PLUGIN macros in the corresponding ***Drivers packages. StdResource::Plugin file has been updated by replacing ***Plugin names by TK***."

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Thank You very much. I indeed missed those release notes and ID = 22152.