Modifications to OpenCascade

Hi there,

We've made modifications to OpenCascade. You can download the latest version of the source code from

See the file NavisWorksModifications.txt for a list of all the files we've changed.

I tried to email you to the address given in this thread ( but the email bounced. Who should I email in future?

Development Team
NavisWorks Ltd.

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(I'm not of OpenCascade)

What are about the modifications of the source?
A patch/ diff of the single files modified would be a better choice to send a patch, since the changes are minimal!


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I've isolated the specific files in the large zip - there's only 21 files actually changed. I've also extracted my own recent hacks of OCC6.2.

If anyone's interested I can host these zip files on my site. Let me know on this thread.


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great, pls upload your hack fils.

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To be honest I've just backed out the Navis changes. The OCC guys have already been fixing some of the issues at 6.2.

Here's my hacks


1. Font memory leak fix.
2. Flicker fixes.
3. OpenGL call back location changes
4. Improved zbuffer trihedron
5. Fixed point markers drift