More BSpline Surface Questions

I looked at a case where I was able to generate a BSpline surface from four BSpline curves and compared it to a case that is not working. The main difference I can see between the BSpline curves is that the start and end points of the curves used do not correspond between the cases. Is the ordering of the start and end point in the BSpline curves crucial?

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Hi Cathy,
I don't know but you might try to reverse the BSpline curve you think might cause a problem and see if it's working (using the Reverse() method on you Geom_Curve). You might also look at the source code and see if they make a check on the curve ordering.

Good Luck.

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The safe bet is that "contiguous" means no gaps parametrically. In this case, the curves that you define should be ordered and directed so that the end of one curve is the start of the next, etc.