Morphing between 2 curves


Does OCC provide a mean to compute the intermediate curves between two 3D curves?
It's pretty closed to morphing concerns, I don't know the appropriated term.

Thanks for your enlightenments.

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GeomFill_Pipe computes a surface between 2 curves and, in many cases,
succeeds in "morphing" between the two. If you really need the intermediate curves, you may be able to sample the resulting surface between your initial curves.

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Hi Hugues,
you might try GeomAPI_Interpolate, load you curve end points and then
load the tangent using Load(me : in out; InitialTangent : Vec from gp; FinalTangent : Vec from gp; Scale : Boolean from Standard = Standard_True).

Good Luck,

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I've just saw the answer from Rob, and I thought you needed one curve between your two curves, I missed the S on curveS.