MSDN Integration of OpenCascade Reference Manual

Hi, everybody:

The following is my solution about how to integrate occdoc.chm into MS Visual C++ development environment, i.e. Visual Studio & MSDN. After this integration, You can easily browse class documentation by simply pressing F1 in VC++. Here I assume reader has the basic experience about MS HTML Help Workshop.

Follow the following step:

  1. Open MS HTML Help Workshop and decompile occdoc.chm. We must do this due to MSDN require an index file .chi and binary TOC( Table of Contents). In the HHW projects setup, if you use the version shipped with VC++ 6.0, you should open your project file, e.g. OCCDOC.hhp with a text editor and add the following two lines: Binary TOC=Yes, Create CHI file=Yes. If you download the newest version of HHW from Microsoft's website, you can select some check boxs to fulfill this work.
  2. Then compile your OCCDOC project, you should get the MyOccDoc.chm & MyOccDoc.chi. Notice we must have .chi file, i.e. the index file.
  3. Download a utility from the following link: http::// By the way, there is an excellent article about the mechanism of its implementation, if you encounter any problem, I suggest you read it.( And don't email to me, :-) )
  4. Simply run MSDNIntegrator.exe, following the instruction by that article. Then close and open MSDN again. The TOC of occdoc.chm can be browsed in MSDN. Just like the following picture:

First using it MSDN will build new index. Just wait a minute. Try F1 in VC++!

Good luck!