Multi-Select Bug in OCC6.1 and 6.2

When multi-select VERTEXs, EDGEs or WIREs by window
select, something unexpected happen. And I did not get what I want.
First select something by Window Select, it is OK. Then press SHIFT and select other thing by Window Select, it is WRONG.
Anybody kindly give an answer. Thanks!

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The key to multi select is Select and ShiftSelect function in AIS_InteractiveContext. When using window select, you must record the previous corner point coordinate and the combining with the new corner point coordinate to make a rectangle and select any object within it using Select function. When you want to add another object into selection you use ShiftSelect. It can be done either with SHIFT key combination or other key. That function is implemented in makebottle tutorial.

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Thank Umar Said for the reply. I have try makebottle tutorial, and find nothing helpful. My platform is WindowsXP+VC6.0. I run the sample in 'E:\OpenCASCADE620\samples\standard\mfc\06_AISSelect'.First create a BOX, then change its disply to WIREFRAME. When multi-window-selection the VERTEXs or EDGEs of the BOX. You will find the BUG.

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Sorry, I'm using Linux and did not try that sample. But when I try the similar sample in Java, when I select window some objects, and then press SHIFT and select other object, the program exited abnormally. But I'm writing my own program and do the same to it and it runs correctly. My program is similar makebottle tutorial with addition of :


I do not know what is wrong with the AIS sample in java. But I think it is not bug in OpenCascade, but in the sample itself.