Multiple solutions for face region

I am having difficulty constructing faces where multiple included surface regions are possible.

I have created a Face from a Surface and Wire (that sits on the surface), however the surface region included in the face bounds is on the outside of the desired region -

e.g. The region I require is a 1/8th section of the sphere that would correspond to a corner fillet. Instead, the built face encloses the other 7/8th of the surface.
Data for the face has been extracted from a STEP model and the face built in OCC from the bottom up.

Is there a remove the ambiguity when multiple solutions are possible? Any help with this problem would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Make sure you take the wire orientation correctly into account. The wire must be oriented so that the material of the face is on the left side of the boundary curve, in the view that surface normal is directed upward.

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Thanks very much for the post. I checked the orientation of edges, the wire and the face very carefully and I couldn't find any faults.

Interestingly though, two different STEP viewers show the two different surface regions contained within the face. CATIA gives the wrong region but an OCC based view gives the correct region. Any ideas on why this might be so?

Cheers, Chris