Multiple TDataStd_TreeNode attribute after importing from STEP - Bug?

Follow the steps:

- take as1-oc-214.stp from
- load into an XDE document using STEPCAFControl_Reader

Inspecting (e.g. using TDF_ChildIterator and TDF_AttributeIterator) the data structure shows that there two(!?) 'TDataStd_TreeNode' attributes on some labels (e.g. 0:1:1:3), which would be against the rule stating that only one attribute of each type can reside on a label.

This happens for models having assembly structure.

Using OCC 6.3.0

Is this a bug? Can anyone comment?
Thank you.

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Hi Pawel,
It depend on details...
it is not possible to set an attribute with the same ID on the same label.
But TreeNode may be set with different IDs. See parameter explicitID.
So, check the attributes IDs. If IDs are different - it's Ok, else it is a bug.

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It is exactly this case.
The specified label has
TreeNode_1 with ID=5b896afe-3adf-11d4-b9b7-0060b0ee281b
TreeNode_2 with ID=efd212e5-6dfd-11d4-b9c8-0060b0ee281b
So, they are different.

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Thank you for clarifying, Sergey.

I checked my models - both TDataStd_TreeNode atributes have indeed different IDs.

Best regards