My personal blog on Open CASCADE

Hi folks,

Like all of you who regularly surf on the internet, I am noticing a growing wave of a new form of communication - blogging. An idea came to my mind to try a blog on Open CASCADE. I must admit I never created any blog before and have no clue if it will work out or will be a miserable failure.

It is not aimed at competing with this forum, it's just different.

The blog is located at and all of you are welcome to visit it and share your comments. I will try to keep it up running and filled up with interesting stuff as viewed from a former Open CASCADE employee, developer and project manager. Of course, my time will be limited, so I would like to focus on topics which will be of interest for the community and myself.

So, let me start with introduction...

Hugues Delorme's picture

Very nice initiative !

Sure I will often check for news there. I'm waiting for articles galore !

jelle's picture

Terrific, thanks for sharing your expertise in OCC with us, cool.

Pawel's picture

Looking forward to see new entries in the blog!


Paul Jimenez's picture

Great! :)

Patrik Mueller's picture

Hi Roman,

its nice to hear something new from you!!!

Best regards,