NaroCAD 1.0 Released


NaroCAD opensource project has reached version 1.0

The most important technological point of view of NaroCAD is that is built on top of C#/.NET and uses OpenCascade 6.3 for all work involved in visualization, modelling. The OCAF like layer is rewritten in C# for maintenance reasons as is pretty hard to work with two debuggers, one to debug C++ OpenCascade code and the other side the C#.

Also we would like to thanks to OpenCascade team, elsewhere this project would not be ever possible!

Release announcement:

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is there any kind of documentation or support forum?
because after working with open source for some time i understood one simple idea: any even the most cool project is useless as a naked piece of code! (im looking on the project from the developer's point if view, not just as user)

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The documentation is generated from Doxygene, but most topics are discussed on blog as topic item (even are not related with daily subject). We are open to both way contributions. Entery needs to add STEP support to wrappers (we wrap only 2200 classes from around 5000 !? of OpenCascade) as he need it, we help him and we integrate in oficial Naro wrappers.

At least when the interest is in both ways (like: we integrate IronPython scripting, but we don't expose all API to the script code, so if you will need this support in your NaroCAD based project/extension, etc.) we will like to help you as long is somehow integrated.

There is SourceForge forum, but as far as it is, we had only one post as long as it seem. So for any specific developer question we are happy to answer. Also, if you think that a part should be improved, we welcome very much this kind of feedback. So, put any answer on blog.

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I will want to rephrase the last words:
- every time we implement a new feature (or we work on it) we write on blog. So you can get an insight (high level) of what was happening. If you combine with SVN log, you may get an idea what was happening for real. Also you can post your questions on blog and we will answer as we can. But we will prefer the ones that really contribute in a way to NaroCAD. Because we are two developers and we do in our short time, is hard to make everything and to answer to any question. So we may prefer specific questions for the same reason. We cannot answer OpenCascade issues for example, this forum is much useful for this.
- if you are interested in specific questions and the documentation that comes with project is not good for you, please feedback on blog. At least in this way we can know what are your specific needs and we can settle them
- NaroCAD works on top of OpenCascade, and for specific tasks you will need still to know OpenCascade. But a much fewer things than regular programming with it. Most programming use cases, like adding a new shape to document (to "OCAF"), layers, etc. were made hopefully to be in a C# way, and with clean design. So feel free to ask on presented blog for NaroCAD specific questions and still remain loyal to OCC forums for your problems with OpenCascade.

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Hi Ciprian,

I just downloaded and tested your first release of NaroCAD. Congratulations, it's an impressive work. I've however failed to run and test the scripting part of the software. The blank text zone doesn't answer to any keyboard entry/mouse click, and open/save/execute buttons seems disabled. Did I miss something?


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Hi Thomas,

It works, but there was a bug in layout that was fixed right away.

The edit text window have integrated IronPython code. To find the box enough large, you should press some enters to see actually that this edit box works.

To see that it really works, write this code and press execute:
from System.Windows.Forms import *
MessageBox.Show("Hello from NaroCAD")

The full topic is here:

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Now is version 1.2

It expose more of OpenCascade functionality.

You can download it from here:

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The version was bumped to 1.5.1 and it is a fairly stable release.
You can look more about announcement from here: