Need example using Xt or Motif

We are using an in-house developed GUI package, and I haven't been able to find the proper way to combine OCC's V3d_Viewer and AIS_* with it.   Is there an example in the documentation that I haven't found, or can someone post somthing?
Or could someone point me to the relevant documentation?

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Try the following:

Handle_Xw_Window win = new Xw_Window(YourGraphDev,XtWindow(YourWidget),Xw_WQ_3DQUALITY, YourColor);

and now, use win as you like. For example place a view in it, like

if (!exist(win))


cerr << "3d window could not be created !!\n" << flush;



// attach a view (V3d_View)


// Fit the View to its parent window


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