Need help OCWrappers

I'm trying to draw a circle with the following piece of code using OCWrappers, but it doesen't show anything

Private Sub Create2DView()
Dim device As OCWNT_GraphicDevice = New OCWNT_GraphicDevice(True, Me.Handle)
Dim aWindow As OCWNT_Window = New OCWNT_Window(device, Me.Handle, OCQuantity_NameOfColor.Quantity_NOC_BLACK)
Dim driver As OCWNT_WDriver = New OCWNT_WDriver(aWindow)
Dim gView As New OCGraphic2d_View
Dim viewer As New OCV2d_Viewer(device, gView, "Visu2d", "")
Dim view As OCV2d_View = New OCV2d_View(driver, viewer, 0, 0, 1500)

Dim ggview As New OCGraphic2d_View

Dim gObject As New OCGraphic2d_GraphicObject(ggview)
Dim gCircle As New OCGraphic2d_Circle(gObject, 100, 100, 100)

Dim aPath As New OCOSD_Path
Dim oColl As New OCTCollection_AsciiString("c:\OpenCASCADE6.3.0\data\images\Image.xwd")

Dim aFile As New OCOSD_File
'Dim gImageFile As New OCGraphic2d_ImageFile(gObject, aFile, 0, 0, 10, 10, OCAspect_CardinalPoints.Aspect_CP_Center, 1)

End Sub

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Hi Mihai,

Seems that you did not add your shape in scene. For this consult the OCC documentation and samples. If you will want a more advanced training please consider OCC support courses that provides a much in-depth tutorials and real life way.

The problem do not rely on OCWrappers which are simply .NET wrappers over OpenCascade.

Best regards,