Need Help on OpenCascade..Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have created a small Assembly with 2 components in CATIA and exported it as a STEP file and imported it to OpenCascade ImportExport Window, but as the imported file is a step file it has lost all the assembly constraints and parametric relations. So can we constraint two components in Open Cascade?

Also is there any option like explode in catia/nx to separate two components of an assembly?

If explode option is available in Open Cascade can we re-assemble the components back by defining constraints?

Please help us with your comments on my question's...Thanks in advance.

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Dear Sriramana,

what you might be looking for is the 'Extended Data Exchange (XDE)' functionality of OCCT. I suggest you browsed the corresponding PDF.

XDE gives you the possibility to import assemblies using STEP. I don't think constraints are supported, however not sure.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the reply.
I am able to import the step file to OCCT but since it doesnt have amy constraints i am unable to assemble the components back. So i am looking for an option of Constraints in OCCT and its possibility.

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Short answer: there is no constraint solver in OCC. You will need 3rd party solver for that (and obviously integrate with it).