need help with visualization...

I am using a windows box and trying to get visualize and be able to select a bunch of points (arnd 5000 pts)

I have been trying V3d_viewer and along with AIS_Interactive context to get this done..but so far have not been successful !!

I am not able to spawn a window for the visualization, would i need QT for this ?? can i do that ??

can some please provide a brief code snippet or strucutre to how to go abt doing this (visualization of a number of pts and interactively selecting them..)

I am totally new to programming visualizations and user interfaces.....can some please help me out !!

thanks a lot in advance...

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Hello Dheevatsa,

take a look in ':\your\path\to\OpenCascade\samples\standard\mfc' (not sure about the location). There you will find some MFC-examples which are quite useful. In '..\qt' you can also find the IESample which uses Qt.