Need of short C++ OpenCascade example

Dear All
It is very sad as well as unfortunate that there is hardly help for newcomers to OpenCascade.
I tried various places to learn OpenCascade but could not start due to lack of atleast one simple short example that can be properly compiled to see OpenCascade working with C++.

Can any of you provide short full example with all the header files and libraries needed so that atleast I can start programming in Opencascade?
Any example like showing line/sphere/box with help of OpenCascade will be helpful.

Please don't guide me to see the bundled examples with OpenCascade. I don't think it really helped as it has too many files attached to one working example.

Waiting for positive reply.


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Dear Ravi,
I suggest you to have a look at the OCCT "Tutorial" document, located in OCCT Overview documentation on page Welcome -> Getting Started -> Programming Samples -> Qt.
Best regards

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Thanks Forum supervisor
I agree with you that there are QT samples and I did have a look at them.
But these samples have too many files and for a newbie like me, it is very easy to get lost in those files.

Is there anything like this (where 2-3files will complete the task so that newcomer can start coding from there on) :

The code can just show some circle/rectangle/box on the screen so that newcomers can pick up from there.
I do agree that bottle example helps a lot but still it leaves in the middle of the road.

If you can please show some example like box drawing or something will be good enough for the starters.

I hope you understand my difficulty.

Waiting for the reply.


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Dear Ravi,
In this case I just can suggest you to have a look at units used by Draw Test Harness, for example: GemetryTest and BRepTest. Both have a set of commands implemented in C++ and available via DRAWEXE.
How to use DRAWEXE you can find at the next chapter of OCCT html documentation:
- Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology/Getting Started/ Draw Test Harness
- Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology/Getting Started/Experimenting with Draw Test Harness
Best regards

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I will look into it.