need tcl.h file


1. I am compiling TKDraw.dsp in VC++/Win98 . It requires tcl.h .where can i get this file? This file is not there in the source code.

2. I am doing this compilation for IGES translator. Further i am going to compile DrawDE project . If any body had tried it before pls give me some suggestions. I am using Win98/VC++ 6.0

compiler ERROR message->>>>>> d:\opencascade\compiled\draw\cas4.0dvp1\src\draw\draw_variablecommands.cxx(26) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'tcl.h': No such file or directory Draw_GraphicCommands.cxx Draw_Viewer.cxx Draw_Window.cxx regards

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thanx to CASCADE FAQs. I got the tcl.h on the site linked on one of the FAQs.

BUT !!! site search on this site returns nothing on tcl.h !!!

bye hrishi

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I've got it by downloading
ActiveTCL from

though I have some errors while compiling draw_variablecommands.cxx (search for that cxx file in the forum to see a thread about this)