need test data with AP230

Could somebody bring test .stp with STRUCTURAL_FRAME_SCHEMA, please.
Another name for AP230 would be CIS/2.

Thank you!

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I have one. I don't know how to attach files through this forum. So send me your email and I'll send you the AP230 STEP file exported by Tekla structures.
I appreciate if you have some knowledge to open it on OpenCascade which support only AP203 and AP214.
In fact, I need to do the opposite operation. I need to open an exported STEP file from OpenCascade on Tekla structure. I'm intersted only in the geometry(solid) model to be viewed on Tekla. other schema items are useless for me for the time being.

Best regards

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Hello lofty,

I am wondering if you fix the issue? I am experiencing the same issue yet have not found any solution.

Your kind reply will be very helpful. 

Thank you