New features to enhance the development process

OPEN CASCADE Team is pleased to announce several features aimed to enhance the activity of the Community and facilitate the Open CASCADE Technology development process.

  1. "Subscribe to OCCT Dev Forum" feature

    Users registered on can now subscribe to Forum located on the Open CASCADE Technology Collaborative development portal ( No additional registration is needed. Just go to "my profile" and tick the option "Subscribe to OCCT Dev forum".

  2. "Subscribe to All Forums" feature

    Users registered on can now subscribe to all updates on the OCCT Collaborative development portal Forum in single click. Go to Forum page and find a link "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to/from Forums" under the list of categories (do not forget to login first!). You can also fine tune your Dev Forum subscriptions on the user profile page.

  3. "Subscribe to Git notifications" feature

    Users registered on who signed the Contributor License Agreement can now subscribe to updates of the official OCCT Git repository ("master" branch). In order to subscribe, login to the OCCT Dev Portal, go to My account → Notifications → Git and select the appropriate option.

  4. Automatic update of issues on the bugtracker when related branch is pushed to official repository

    This feature is targeted to OCCT developers and contributors. Each time you push changes to the official OCCT Git repository the following information is added to the corresponding MantisBT issue (identified by branch name "CRxxx*", where "xxx" is the issue id):

    • The name of person who pushed the change,
    • The type of the change (branch created/updated/updated forcibly/deleted),
    • SHA-1 of the commit the branch points now to.

We sincerely hope the Community will find these improvements helpful.

If you have any ideas for further improvement of the OCCT Collaborative development portal web-sites and services, feel free to discuss it on the OCCT Dev Forum or register an issue in Mantis issue tracker.